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5th June 2018

We’ve put together a detailed overview of my favourite pastimes in Edinburgh, sharing tips and ideas for what to get up to on with 2 days in the city. Of course, you could spend much more time getting to know the city, but two days will certainly let you see many of the highlights of Edinburgh.

This itinerary is laid out to be fairly logical in progression, with two full days of exploration in the city, covering some of the main attractions. There’s lots more to see and do in the city of course, so check out the resources at the end of the post to help you plan your perfect trip to Edinburgh!

The castle is home to a variety of exhibitions and artefacts from Scottish history, including the Scottish crown jewels. The castle is also where the 1pm gun is fired every day, so if you do have a chance to be there for this then do, as it’s quite an experience.

Get your tickets for Edinburgh Castle in advance here to skip the line, and see the end of the post for tips on how to save on access to some of Edinburgh’s Royal attractions.

5th June 2018

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